How to: Make a Jewelry Box

September 25, 2012

How to organize all of your favorites!

As a Kitsch connoisseur, I've noticed that organizing my lovely hair ties and headbands can be a bit of a task. I had a jewelry box dedicated to them, but then when I absolutely needed a particular one, I had to pull all of them out and hunt. Not very practical for every day wear. 

So then came the solution, make something specifically for my hair ties and headbands! Now all you will need for this is sewing pins (I used some basic ones, and some decorative ones), a roll of paper towels, and a piece of fabric large enough to wrap your paper towel roll. 

Don't worry about the pinning, the pins are so fine that they won't cause any damage to your lovely accessories! How do you organize your hair ties and headbands!? 

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