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September 27, 2012

A Beginners Guide To Running

Cardio intense exercise is good for your heart, your mind and your body. It also seems to be great for your instagram account. Has anyone else noticed how COOL running has become? I have countless friends posting photos of the Color Run, Zombie Run or some other cool distance related race that they've recently participated in. I've researched around and recently started a running regimen myself, so here are some quick tips to help you on your route. 

  •  Plan A Route I feel so much more accomplished when I know exactly how far I've gone, and don't have to worry about coming home. Make sure that for starters you don't have to worry about crazy hills, traffic ridden streets or unsafe areas. Find something that just allows you to focus on running!
  • Get Great Tunes Maybe you prefer to run to something a little more deep and meaningful (Deathcab for Cutie, anyone?) or you would rather crank up the tempo with your favorite DJ (AVICII, for the win!)? Regardless of what you want, make sure you have it readily accessible. I've decided to create 30 minute playlists of whatever I feel like for the day. My mood alternates, my desire for intensity alternates as well. I make sure that I'm active for that whole 30 minute period, and once I feel more comfortable with that, I will increase the time.
  • Don't Worry About Running the WHOLE Time Unless you've got some crazy cardio stamina, running for the whole period may not be something you can physically do. After all, running does require controlled breathing so that you don't exhaust yourself and run out of breath. If you need to, alternate between run/power walk intervals. Eventually you will have better stamina, but it does take work and dedication!
  • Running Shoes! A new pair of shoes is always inspirational, even when it comes to meeting your fitness goals. Pick up a new pair of kicks to get you through your activities. Become proud when they turn faded and worn, that means you've been working! 
  • Tame Your Mane! I used to have to stop alll of the time before I started using a kitsch hair tie and headband with every workout. The headband makes sure that my bangs and baby hair stays in place and then my hair tie takes care of the rest. 
Now with those tips, you've got no excuses! Grab a running parter and track your results! It will keep you SO motivated! 

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