September 20, 2012
I've been hit by the travel bug!

So far I've had two lay overs in Fiji and have never left the airport. Absolute and TOTAL fail on my part. I've decided that one place I absolutely need to go, in the near future is Fiji. Lucky for me one of my friends is getting married there in 2014, definitely reason enough for a holiday! 

Fiji is about a ten hour flight out of LAX and doubles as a stop over for carriers like Air Pacific, Air New Zealand, and Quantas. It's in the South Pacific, and about double the distance of Hawaii. I've seen the beautiful country multiple times from high above the aircraft and I've had a great tour with the airport, but that is where the love affair ends. Yes it is gorgeous, yes it is humid, and yes they literally do sell Fiji water. Everywhere. 

Gorgeous villas, like the one below, are scattered throughout the Fijian islands catering to patrons from all over the world. Every time I go to Fiji I meet people from all over the world either ending their vacation with a bronze glow or just stopping by for a plane transfer. How picturesque is this villa? I think I'm in love!

The islands all have the same beautiful white sand and clear waters, completely foreign to a California girl like myself. Even with the killer humidity the islands have, it's still absolutely breathtaking and a slice of paradise. I can almost picture myself laying out on the shore, kitsch hair tie holding my high bun, with a great book in my hand, and a lather of SPF. 

Have you ever been to Fiji? 
This is one trip I can't wait to document!  Google search and salivate away at the gorgeous images!!! 

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