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A Guide to the perfect Saturday in Downtown

Cupcakes for Breakfast
On 6th between Main & S Los Angeles
Treat yourself for to a sleep in, and then stop off at the Downtown location of Babycakes NYC (it's in LA! I promise! It's just the name and where the bakery originated) for a late morning breakfast of delicious vegan baked goods. ALL of the items are vegan, most of them are gluten free and some of them are even sugar free but, rest assured they are 100% fabulous!

I love everything from there, but for breakfast, their blueberry crumb cake is fantastic. Add a cup of coffee and you are ready to adventure on to the rest of the day!                                                                                                          

Get Your Culture On

If you haven't stopped by The Museum of Contemporary Art before, it's one of my favorite places to visit and spend a few hours. The exhibitions tend to change every few months, and even the permanent collection is worth viewing again. 

MOCA has even compiled a list of tips to get your first visit going as smoothly as possible!

Shop the Afternoon Away
Conveniently located in downtown is Fashion District and the Santee Alley. It's a great place to stop and find interesting buys. It's pretty overwhelming, spanning over 100 city blocks, but if you just stick to the Santee Alley you will get a great taste of what Fashion District has to offer. Cheap shopping and lots of walking! Be prepared!

Also, always come with cash and make sure it's broken up into smaller bills. You don't want to worry about ATM charges and you will be fine with a couple of tens. 

Dine in Little Tokyo

I grew up in a pretty Asian influenced household, especially when it came to food. Luckily, heading to Little Tokyo is always a great way to get some of my personal favorites. They have everything from Japanese street food like Takoyaki to menu regulars like Agedashi Tofu (pictured). 

No matter where you choose, if you are keen for Japanese then I'm certain this will round out your day wonderfully!

Just don't forget the green tea iced cream! 

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