How to: Crown Braid

How to: Crown Braid

A Sassy Crown Braid with A Kitsch Twist!

This is a great, simple way to jazz up your hair with Kitsch headbands and braids! This style is quick to do, just make sure that you've got bobby pins (I used four, but you may need more or less depending on your hair thickness), hairspray and your favorite Kitsch headband handy!

Crown braid layered with a Kitsch headband

I chose to use Safari Headbands but feel free to mix it up--- you can even add multiple for a funkier look! How are you going to style this?? 

Quick Tip: If you've got more layers you may need to secure with bobby pins on each side of the head for a little more structure. Keep in mind that this can get a little tricky depending on where your layers sit!

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