Creative ways to give Kitsch

A Kitsch DIY guide to Kitsch-perational Cards!

Three things I love- giving cute home made cards to brighten peoples days, receiving cute home made cards that brighten my day, and Kitsch. What do you get when you combine all three?!? These awesome little, self made cards that ANYONE with card stock, a pen and Kitsch can do. Cards and letters are a dying artform with the social networking and texting of today, but I for one still LOVE the idea of something a little handmade just because. 


Cut the cardstock into pieces, make sure that they are on more than 3 1/2 inches 
in height because this is going to be where you place the hair tie!
Be sure to include some kind of corny, witty or pun-y line on there. 
If not, just keep to the point, you haven't got a lot of space to write!
I like to keep it quirky!

Stock up, plan ahead and give them away! Not only will your friend get an awesome 
hair tie to commemorate your epic creation, you will definitely  brighten their day. It's
such strong impact with so minimal effort! Go for gold! 

What fun ideas do you have for your own version?? (Ps- I love the blue for brides!!!!)

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