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September 26, 2012

Open Eyes & Orange Lips

I learned that winged eyeliner is ALL ABOUT THE PREP! Making sure that you've got a great base and brows really helps pull together the full look. After this quick process I look instantly more awake!
  • I prep the area between my brows and lash line with either a concealer or a neutral eyeshadow primer, I've used both and have no real preference, I just use what I have readily available at that time. 
  • I add definition to my brows without making them too harsh, starting just a little bit past where my brows start (where my brush is in the photo is where I start in real life). 
  • I was given the tip of using scotch tape as a guideline, and I love it! No mess and it's something that's already around the house. You can use this to make it as dramatic as you'd like.
  • After I line my top lids (using a liquid pen) I also line the bottom half with a pencil, put on mascara and a highlighting powder (I used a shimmer powder from philosophy) on my brow bone and in between my eyes. 

Have you noticed the HUGE trend of orange lips for fall? I absolutely love them, but couldn't pull it off for the life of me until I found this secret... prep your lips with concealer! It makes it so they don't go onto a pinkish or brown toned canvas of natural lips. When you make it as light as possible you get the true color on your lips AND it doesn't bleed as quickly! Using the highlighting powder on your cupids bow works wonders on your pout as well. 


  1. What brand and color is this lip color and highlighting powder? Thanks!

  2. The lip color is a gloss from Mac, called Electric Edge. It's a BRIGHT orange. The highlighting color is one from Philosophy, the link will take you to purchase it, I found it on sale on Amazon. It's from Philosophy's amazing grace collection- smells wonderful! :)


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