ALMOST the Weekend!

September 14, 2012

Ice Ice Baby Coffee

Everyone has a different opinion of which day of the week is the hardest to get through. Some say it's Mondays, others loathe the mid-week Wednesdays, but if you've got a stellar weekend ahead, I think it's Friday. The weekend is so close you can almost taste it except for the long shift and commute home that stands in your way. Try this cute pick-me-up to add something special to your Friday without minimal effort!

Ingredients you've already got handy make this quick!
 Save some leftover coffee (or espresso if you are desperate!) and put it in your ice cube tray. I didn't add any additional sugar because I normally like my coffee more on the dark side.

Once it's frozen just pop it out, and pour milk over the cubes to let the coffee flavor infuse! I used almond milk, it's my absolute favorite and adds just a tiny bit of nutty sweetness!


Now that you've got your dose of caffeine, you can make sure that your Friday is quick and productive!

What are you excited about for the weekend? 

Do you have any special plans?

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