Amsterdam Travel with Kitsch!

August 29, 2012

Kitsch is in Amsterdam

I’m visiting European friends that I met while studying abroad in Shanghai a year ago. I have such an appreciation for having the opportunity to experience a city through the lives of the locals. From Amsterdam, I spent two weeks in the heart of the city and traveling throughout the outskirts of Holland and the beautiful villages of Friesland.

My Kitsch hair ties have become an easy solution for not only a style fix but for a quick pull back of my helmet hair on the back of vespa rides throughout the city; through the beautiful glistening canals dividing the city streets and the sunny terraces of people sipping expressos and enjoying the sunshine. The Dutch are wonderful at seizing the moment and embracing life’s joys.  This becomes immediately evident with a simple stroll through the cities and parks . It has been such rejuvenating and humbling experience in comparison to the busy life of a student in America, buzzing around from one thing to the next. They say in America we have time, and in Europe they have watches (in case they are curious about the time). Europeans truly embrace their vacation months that are much longer but less frequent throughout the year, leaving these summer months filled with people savoring the moment.

The Dutch people are unique for their innovative spirit, straight-forward demeanors and curious minds. The Netherlands could be compared to the size of New Hampshire, and has successfully defined itself from the rest of Europe for being culturally rounded and educated about the rest of the world.  Conversations are engaging as I hear the numerous travel adventures that people my age have already endured and range from Husky Dog excursions north of Scandinavia to Safari adventures in Africa.

An hour train ride and a short drive by car lands you out in the sailing ports near Friesland, the northern region of the country full of grazing sheep, cozy villages and retired sailors filling their senior years sailing the peaceful waters. Such a contrast to the city of Amsterdam full of young people and tolerant social perspectives in their government’s laws, redlight district, coffee shops, and widely-popular music festivals.

The chic casual style is very popular among girls my age, with natural makeup, flowing loose hair and sneakers with a trendy outfit. My Kitsch hair ties were a perfect accent with their causal appeal and colorful flavor. Usually wearing my hair loose and air-dried from the shower they were perfect for a simple tie up while sailing the strong winds of Friesland, or blowing through the streets of Amsterdam. The Netherlands’ size does not do it justice for its abundance of offerings, and is a place I highly recommend that one must see to believe the innovations of its style, ingenuity the people and social and political respect for the perspectives of new generations.

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