Workout Hairstyles with Kitsch Hair Ties

Today Kitsch is happy to present our workout hairstyles guide.  From yoga to spinning, to beach volleyball or golf, the Kitsch guide to workout hairstyles is perfect for any athletic or gym occasion.  Not only are we going to cover styles for people with long hair, but we have some suggestions for short haired women too!  Check it out:

Workout Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long haired beauties have the most options for rocking stylish and effective workout hairstyles.  With our Kitsch hair ties we obviously love them in a classic ponytail, especially for activities like running on the elliptical, golf, or workouts where you are not moving your head fast.  Any of our elastic hair ties would work in a classic ponytail for long hair.  If you're a dancer, yogi, or athlete involved in sports like soccer or basketball, we suggest adding one of our headbands while wearing a classic ponytail.  For these girls, we especially love the "I am" headband collection in neons with phrases like "I am peaceful" and "I am beautiful" because the color is as bright and positive as the confident messages on them.  It's also great to double up on our elastic headbands if you tend to sweat up a storm while working out.

Our Kitsch hair ties can also be used to do buns, which we like adding a headband to as well.  Dancers would look great in our pastel swan lake headbands and hair ties because they really secure your hair but are pretty in design.  Pigtails are not just for young girls.  We recommend this fun look but try putting the pigtails towards the back of your head.  They look especially cute if you have a wave or curl to your hair.

Braids are always a fun, long hair alternative to the ponytail or bun.  As you've probably seen on our blog, we have given our readers tutorials on a variety of braids such as the french braid, fishtail braid, and even a french braid headband.  Any of these braids, even regular braids, make for great workout hairstyles.  Here's a Kitsch tip: in a regular braid put a Kitsch tie at the base of your head as well as when you secure your braid at the bottom of your hair.  We like adding an extra Kitsch hair tie into the braid or at the base of the hair because two colors can really give you a new, unique look that you'll be excited to workout in.

Workout hairstyles for Short Hair

Short haired beauties are in luck!  Our Kitsch headbands are very useful for women with short hair.   Our quality elastic helps gather the small hairs on the back of your neck and bring them up.   If you have hair that comes an inch or a few under the chin, try using our elastic headband around your head and then put the rest of your hair up in a Kitsch hair tie.  We also love a half up half down pony or bun on shorter workout hairstyles.  For pixie cuts, use one of our headbands on their own.  Kitsch guarantees you will not need to use any bobby pins for our elastic headbands because they truly stay fastened to your head and never slide off.
And there you have the Kitsch workout hairstyles guide.  Not only do Kitsch hair ties look sensational in the styles we mentioned above, but they never leave a dent or crease in your hair.  This is an amazing attribute to using our hair ties and headbands in workout hairstyles because you can easily go from a workout style to wearing your hair down and never have to worry about an unwanted dent.  No more bringing a flat iron to the gym or running home to touch up your hair!  Tell us some of your favorite workout hairstyles or how you wear your Kitsch hair tie when you're sweatin' it up!  Thank you for reading the Kitsch workout hairstyles guide and we hope you have a beautiful, healthy day!

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