Storing Your Kitsch

July 17, 2012

Storing Your Kitsch

Hi guys!  Today we wanted to share some ideas for storing all of your Kitsch hair ties.  We know that jewelry boxes and vintage or new decorative cups are great options for storing hair ties, but we wanted to give you some creative alternatives.  Take a look:

We love this DIY polka-dot tray we saw on  This looks like a cute, fun project and we like the tray because its great for displaying the jewelry you wear most often and whichever Kitsch hair ties you have on rotation.

These classic jars are perfect for the Kitsch addict to store all her hair ties.  They also make for a colorful addition to any vanity or bathroom.

Be inventive!  We never would have guessed Kitsch would look so adorable on this decorative bottle.  You could also add some pebbles or gems to the bottom.

Please share with us how you like to store or display your Kitsch hair ties.  You can leave us a comment below.  Thanks and have a lovely day!


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