How to: Make a Sock Bun

July 09, 2012

Sock Bun Tutorial

Today Kitsch is ecstatic to share one of our favorite new hair tricks: the sock bun.  If you're wondering why you would put a sock in your hair it is because the sock helps to create a beautiful, full bun that stays neatly put together the whole day through.  We swear by  the sock bun for summertime but we have a feeling we'll be wearing this look long past summer's end.  Now onto the Kitsch sock bun tutorial!

What You'll Need for a Sock Bun:

A sock. Scissors.  Kitsch hair tie.  Bobby pins.  Hairspray.

Sock Bun Directions:

1. Begin by cutting the toe portion of your sock off.  You can often just follow the line that is on many socks.
2.  Roll your sock from the inside out so that it looks like a bagel.
3.  Using a Kitsch hair tie, gather your hair into a ponytail.
4.  Now point your ponytail towards the ceiling and put your sock bagel (yes we're calling it that) at the top of your ponytail.
5.  Begin rolling your hair around your sock bagel as you move it down to your head.
6.  You should end up with a full, circular bun that you can tuck the ends into your hair tie for support.
7.  Secure with a few bobby pins and spray any fly aways.
Voila!  We hope you love this new hairstyle as much as we do.  Please let us know about your ventures into the sock bun world in the comments below!

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