Ponytail Ideas

Ponytail Ideas

Hello everyone!  It's summer, which in the world of hair, often means seeing tons more ponytails on these hot days.  Kitsch wanted to share some different ponytail ideas to spice up the classic ponytail.  If you want to get a bit creative with this go-to hairstyle please take a look at our ponytail ideas below:

Ponytail Ideas: Teased Ponytail:

A teased ponytail is one of the more chic ponytail ideas when done correctly.  We recommend beginning to tease your hair around the crown of your head.  To tease, just take a come and brush sections of your hair from the ends down to the base of your head.  Don't get out of control with your teasing or you might end up with a Snookie look.  Use any of our Kitsch hair ties depending on your style preference.  One of our glitter ties from "Berry Bling" or "Metallic Mix" would be great in a teased ponytail during a night out.  We like having the front of your hair straight and slicked back into your ponytail.  We also recommend having the portion of your hair below the hair tie to be straight as well so use a flat iron if you need to straighten.  Having the rest of your hair straight other than the teased section helps in making this ponytail look balanced and sophisticated.

Ponytail Ideas: The 3 Section Ponytail

This ponytail idea is fun and allows you to wear multiple colors of Kitsch elastic hair ties in your hair at once.  For this style, take a little less than a third of your and do a half up half down ponytail towards the top back of your head.  Gather the 2nd section that aligns with your ears and secure with another Kitsch hair tie.  Finally put the third hair tie at the bottom of your ponytail.  You can also try this style in braids!

Ponytail Ideas: Side Ponytail With Curls

If you don't have curly hair, curl your hair and then run your fingers through the curls a bit.  Gather your hair to whichever side you want and secure with one of our elastic hair ties.  Add a few more curls once your hair is in the ponytail and spray with hairspray.  Try adding a flower to this cute ponytail or any of our other ponytail ideas.
Aren't these so simple to do yet completely stylish?  Please leave us a comment on how you like to jazz up your ponytail or how you wear your Kitsch.  Thanks for taking a look at our ponytail ideas!

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