Kitsch How-To: Messy Side Bun

July 01, 2017

Messy Side Bun Tutorial

Kitsch is happy to bring you another fun alternative to the ponytail for summer, which is the messy side bun.  This look is perfect if you want a unique look but do not want to spend too much time on a hairystle.  We hope you enjoy our messy side bun tutorial!

What You'll Need for a Messy Side Bun:

Curling iron, Kitsch hair tie, a few bobby pins, hairspray.

Messy Side Bun Directions:

1. Using a curling iron, do a few messy waves/curls in your hair.  This will make your messy bun prettier as well as maintain some volume.  These waves or curls do not have to be perfect since they're going right up into your bun.
2.  Shake out your curls or waves by pulling them apart with your fingers.
3.  Now pull all over your hair over to whichever side you want your messy bun on.  If you have side bangs, we recommend pulling your hair over to the side that your bangs fall on.
4.  Put your hair into a ball and wrap a Kitsch hair tie around it a few times.  Play around with it if you need more hair to show.
5.  Secure your messy side bun with a few bobby pins and lightly spray with hairspray.

You now have the perfect messy side bun.  We love that you can achieve this pretty look in a matter of minutes.  If you have some extra time, try doing a french braid headband (we have a tutorial on the Kitsch blog) with your messy side bun.  Our Kitsch hair ties are perfect for messy buns because your hair will not get caught around it like regular drug store hair ties and as you know, Kitsch is extremely gentle on your hair.  Thank you for reading our messy bun tutorial!

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