Hair Chalking with Kitsch

July 08, 2012

Hair Chalking

Today Kitsch is dying (pun intended) to give our readers a tutorial on one of the coolest beauty trends we have seen in a while: hair chalking!  Maybe you are like us and have seen this unique coloring, often done in an ombre fashion, showing up on blogs, magazines, or maybe you've seen a hair chalking do in person.  We love that hair chalking allows you to be creative with color without having to commit to semi-permanent or permanent dye.  Not only that, you don't have to spend a ton of money at a hair salon to get this look because you can DIY at home for $10 or less.  Now let's get hair chalking!

Hair Chalking Must-Haves:

Water bottle with a spray nozzle, soft pastel chalk (you can find this for around $5 at your local craft store), and rubber gloves.  Remember to wear something that you wouldn't mind getting a bit messy!

Step 1: Using the water spray bottle, spray a 1 inch section of your hair.  You can decide how far you want the color to go up on your hair.
Step 2: Time for the hair chalking.  Begin coloring your hair with the chalk by rubbing it against your hair.  You should probably do the lighter colors first since darker colors will get on the rubber gloves.  Kitsch thinks 3 colors works best with this look.  If you are feeling adventurous you can try 2 colors on one section!
Step 3: Now wait for your hair to dry naturally.  No blowdryers!
Step 4: After your hair is dry, style your hair with a flat iron or curling iron.  This helps to set and seal in your new color.

Isn't that easy!?  Kitsch loves how inventive you can get with hair chalking, while still being gentle on your hair.  We are way into how cute chalked hair looks when combined with our hair ties and headbands.  Feel free to comment and tell us about your hair chalking experiences or how you wear your Kitsch!

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