Chignon Tutorial

Chignon Tutorial

Hey everyone!  Kitsch is excited to share our chignon tutorial with you today.  A chignon is a classic up-do that seems difficult to do but is pretty simple if you have a great set of directions and practice a bit.  Our Kitsch hair tie is perfect to use in this look because it's super comfy!  Try it out:

1. Using a large iron, curl the ends of your hair in.
2. Separate your hair into 3 sections.  You should have a back section and draw two lines from the top of your head to your ears for the other 2 sections.
3. Backcomb (like teasing) the back section of your hair and put into a low ponytail using a Kitsch hair tie.
4. Lift up the back of your ponytail and pin it your head.  Use as many bobby pins as it takes to make it secure.  Your ponytail should be pointed upwards to the ceiling.
5. Now with your ponytail in your hand pointed towards the ceiling, backcomb the underpart of your ponytail.  This is just brushing the under part of the pony from the tips of your hair to the hair tie in your hand.
6.  Make a big loop with your ponytail and pin the ends of it near your hair tie.  Make sure it is secure!
7. Backcomb the root area of one of your side sections.  Now wrap it over your chignon and pin.  Repeat with the other side section.
8.  Spray thoroughly with hairspray.

Eva Longoria with a classic chignon

Thanks for reading our chignon tutorial!  Leave us a comment and let us know how your chignon turns out or if you have any tips.  Enjoy the rest of your day!

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