Camp Gifts for Summer

July 28, 2012

Camp Gift Guide

Today Kitsch we want to share a few awesome ideas for summer camp gifts.  Kitsch hair ties and headbands are a special little something to send to your camper that she will love wearing in her hair or on the wrist.  We wanted to show you a few ways of how to send your Kitsch hair ties other than just sending the pack alone!  Take a look:

  • Candy!  Almost every kid loves candy and they'll be happy to see a sweet treat from home.  We recommend tying Kitsch hair ties around a bag of your camper's favorite candies.

  • Mad Libs.  Tape a pack of Kitsch to the inside of Mad Libs.  Not only will she love playing this classic game with her friends, but she'll have some cute new hair ties to show off!

  • 3. A new water bottle!  We like using a solid color that you can't see through and putting the hair ties inside.  Remember to leave a note letting your camper to look for the surprise inside the water bottle!

  • 4. Bug Spray - that actually smells good.  Keep your camper bug bite free and smelling clean at the same time with these eco friendly bug sprays!

  • And to top it off, everyone loves a little card or note, letting them know how much you care.

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