Beach Ready with Kitsch

Beach Ready with Kitsch

As the peak of Summer’s prime beach months roll in, everyone’s looking for a chic, low-maintenance style-fix for a little ocean breeze, salt water and sand in your hair. From our favorite dry-shampoo last minute fixes, to the wind-ready styles that can be accented by the numerous arrays of Kitsch hair tie accessory options, there is no such thing as a bad hair day at the beach this summer.

From Color to Concept

For those of you who are rocking the latest “ombre” color trend, the long full waves compliment your contrasting strands and avoid leaving you with the flat overgrown look. Kitsch hair ties “Back to Basic Headbands” top off the look with a natural finish and provide you with a selection of all the neutral tones to choose from. If you are seeking a more low-maintenance fix that pulls your hair out of your face to avoid the heat getting the best of you, our favorite for you ombre lovers is the volumized Ombre pullback ponytail. A simple teasing of your roots followed by a loose pull-back at the base of your neck, this pony-tail etiquette accents your edgy color appearance. Top it off, or should I say tie-it off with a Kitsch hair tie as a finish and you get have a style that not only compliments your unique ombre color but is also very practical.

For those of you dressed in the latest color trends of bolds, brights and neon beach attire, the simplicity of a beach braid adds a delicate accent. With the trending fashion pics and fashion tips spreading virally everyday through social media tools such as Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr, the intricacy of a braid holds its value. Striving for an innovative, artistic braid seems to be this summer’s sought after beach style. From the fishtail braid to wrap around braids intertwined within one another one has endless possibilities of decisions from the one three piece, single stranded braid.

For those of you who are fair skinned or trying to avoid the painful scalp burns that can sneak up on you, the protection of a head scarf is always fitting. However, our favorite scarf trend for the beach is followed by a twist, braid, or the intervention of your choice to incorporate your beach head scarf down through the ends of your hair. This style not only has a chic, creative attraction to it, but it also provides volume and depth to your pony-tail. It holds in the wind and gives you a secure and stylish look for those long-haired pony tails.

Kitsch’s favorite hair renewal

After a long beach day in the Summer heat and salty ocean everyone’s hair could use a bit of rejuvenation. Being gentle to your hair is one of the key components to maintaining long beautiful locks. Kitsch hair ties will always back stand as a firm believer for this with the ability to be one of the only hair ties that does not leave a crease in your hair as you pull your hair back throughout the day. Even with Kitsch’s gentle touch, it is still important to restore your hair with the proper nutrients after the harsh dryness a day at the beach can result in. This easy to make hair mask is one of Kitsch’s favorites and smells good too!  Just mix together in a bowl:

1. Half an avocado, mashed up.
2. Half a banana, mashed up.
3. 1 egg, beaten.
4. 2 tablespoons of olive oil.

 Letting your locks bask in this for an hour will do more magic that you would think. Kitsch is a firm health advocate and we believe in doing what you can to maintain a healthy lifestyle!

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