Nail Polish for Summer 2012

June 30, 2012

Nail Polish for Summer 2012

Hello everyone!  Today Kitsch is excited to share some of our favorite nail polish for summer 2o12.  Kitsch made our hair ties to not only look amazing in your hair, but look great as a bracelet too.  We know that women spend money on bracelets and rings for their hands to look nice so we know how important a beautifully made hair tie and well-done nails are.  That being said, we have compiled a list of the best nail polish for summer 2012 that you can check out the next time you're at your local beauty store.
Nail Polish for Summer 2012
OPI Holland collection

Holland collection by OPI - Classic Nail Polish for Summer 2012

OPI is one of our favorite nail polish brands for many reasons.  We love size and quality of the brush, the adorable names, and how well this brand of nail polish lasts.  When we saw the OPI Holland collection we knew we would be rocking so many of these shades of nail polish for summer 2012.  "Red lights ahead...where?" is a KNOCKOUT on all skin tones, but really pops on ivory and olive tones.  This color will be your go-to red for the summer because the hint of orange mixed in with the bright red makes it a classic yet unique nail polish for summer 2012.  We are also crazy about "Thanks a windmillion," which is a deep mint color and the bright orange "A roll in Hague," that look sensational on tanner and darker skin tones.  The Holland collection has 2 adorable pink colors (we prefer the hot pink "Kiss me on my tulips")  for girls that like more traditional shades in nail polish for summer 2012.  We think Holland's neutral brown shades, "Gouda gouda two shoes" and "Wooden shoe like to know" look awesome when worn with very on-trend tribal print clothing.  Finally, "Vampsterdam" is perfect for girls who still wanna work the goth chic look through the summer and "I don't give a Rotterdam!" has to be one of the most beautiful, glittery blue shades we have ever seen.  A round of applause for OPI and their Holland nail polish for summer 2012!
Nail Polish for Summer 2012
Chine Glaze's "Loves a beach"

Neons- Nail polish for Summer 2012

Neons are on fire right now in both fashion and nail polish for summer 2012.  The cool thing about neon polish is that it works with other neon clothes, but can really kick up a look for women who wear more neutral or basic colors.  Kitsch has found that drugstore neons look just as good as the pricier brands.  We happen to be partial to neons from Sally Hansen and China Glaze because they seem to have a great variety of neons, although China Glaze usually takes two coats.  Neons look even better with a good base coat and top glaze.  If you do not have a base coat and top glaze already, we encourage you to invest in these along with nail polish for summer 2012.  A base coat and a top glaze makes your nail polish for summer 2012 look more professional, as well as keeps your nails healthy!
Nail Polish for Summer 2012
Revlon's "Ocean Breeze"
Nail Polish for Summer 2012
Deborah Lippmann's "Mermaid's Dream"

Mermaid Hues- Unique Nail Polish for Summer 2012

The mermaid hue is for any beach babe that wants something out of the ordinary on her nails this summer.  Get your Darryl Hannah on with these exquisite, blue-green combos.  For a lighter version of this trend, Kitsch recommends Deborah Lippmann's "Mermaid's Dream," and for the darker and less expensive version try "Ocean Breeze" from Revlon's limited edition Scents of Summer line.  Yes, the smell of the ocean is literally at your fingertips.
Along with your Kitsch hair ties and headbands, these colors of nail polish for summer 2012 will surely pump up your summer style.  Please feel free to leave comments and share some of your summer nail trends or ways you like to wear your Kitsch.  Thank you for reading our favorites in nail polish for summer 2012!

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