Kitsch Hair Ties take on crazy Shanghai, China!

Kitsch Hair Ties take on crazy Shanghai, China!

The diverse, thrilling, emerging international city of Shanghai China was as exciting as ever before as I traveled there for a two-week trip alongside Jordan, my best friend and Chinese-speaking partner in crime. As the local youth of the aristocratic Shanghai families strives to keep up with the latest Western trends, Kitsch hair ties made an impressive debut through our two weeks in Shanghai.

Working as an intern at Kitsch, I returned to the city where both Jordan and I had
each studied Mandarin for a semester.   Although both Jordan and I speak Mandarin Chinese, Kitsch hair ties went viral without any help from our language skills. Their appeal is universal for the wrists and ponytails of trend-seekers looking for that “Western” look.

Shanghai’s underrated world of fashion

Shanghai is no longer a Third World fashion backwater. It is easily as cosmopolitan as Paris or New York city, and a mecca of young professionals of every stripe.  Full of energy and high rises, Shanghai is easily one of the most impressive fashionable social scenes I have ever experienced. Night clubs are full of international students, models and expats in the latest looks accented with the authentic accent of 
their own country’s fashion. The cutting edge fashions from around the world shape native Shanghai fashionistas’ looks. Looking Western is in.

Language of Kitsch Hair ties

Jordan and I layered our wrists with Kitsch hair ties, accessorizing them as the latest “arm candy” trend, and intertwined them in any up-do hair style. We were never without our Kitsch, from the colorful summer bright hair ties suitable for long day adventures through local markets to the enticing neons and glitter hair ties for our nights out on the town. It didn’t take long for the trend of Kitsch hair ties’ chic appeal to become everyday accents for the beautiful long tresses of Shanghai fashion chameleons.  Fascination with Kitsch crossed gender lines. The trendy European men’s styles were hard for us to ignore: their unique, chic, and attractive combinations of colored pants, textured cardigans, pin-striped dress shirts, and styles foreign to the everyday American male college student. Jordan and I were intrigued by their sophisticated fashion tastes, and they were equally enticed by what they referred to as the “Kitsch arm bands.” Mixing and matching the bold prints and masculine colors, they layered and 

accessorized their hip outfits. Kitsch hair ties’ language took on a voice of their own as the association transitioned into trendy men’s arm bands that they couldn’t get enough of. Around the arms of the handsome European men at the night clubs, it did not take long for the fashionable Chinese girls to want some of their very own Kitsch hair ties. As Jordan and I would hand them out them their immediate enthusiasm for the Kitsch brand soon spoke for itself as they hollered for pictures dancing the night away with their hair now tied up and their flashy “Kitsch arm bands” around their accessorized wrists.

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