How To: French Braid with Kitsch Hair Ties

June 29, 2012

French Braid | How to French Braid with Kitsch

Summer is a time for trips to the beach, barbecuing, and experiencing the most from the outdoors!  There doesn't seem to be many downsides to summertime, however, it is so easy to get into the habit of throwing your hair up into a ponytail on especially warm days.  At Kitsch, we want to give you some alternatives to the classic ponytail so we are going to show you how to do a french braid.

French Braid Directions:

french braidThe french braid is a stylish braid that looks complex, but is actually quite easy to achieve.  We like how french braids look great in a variety of occasions and Kitsch Hair Ties has a large assortment of colors for any type of event.  We also recommend using one of our headbands along with a french braid for when you want the hair out of your face but still want to look stylish.  Grab a friend and try these fool-proof directions or practice this beautiful french braid on your own hair!

1.  Comb through the hair and make sure it is free of knots.  (Kitsch tip: Freshly washed hair is not the best for
french braids because it is more slippery so try and French braid at least a day after washing).                                                                            
2. Towards the top of your hair, gather about a third of your hair as if you are doing a half-up ponytail.
3. After you have gathered this section, separate into 3 sections.  Two sections should fall between your thumb and pointer finger, one for each hand, and the 3rd section can go to whichever hand you want.                                                                     4. Now, begin to do a regular braid, crossing the right piece over the middle piece, and then the left piece over the new middle piece.                                                                                                                                                                                
5. After you have moved the left piece over the middle, pull a smaller section of hair from the right side of the head and add it to the right piece.  You should then braid regularly until you are ready to cross the left piece over the middle.  When this happens you should again, take a smaller section from the left side of the head and put it with the left piece.  Continue this process.                                                                                                                                      
6. When you come to the end of the hairline at the neck, stop the french braid and braid regularly.                                    
7. Secure your french braid with a Kitsch hair tie!

Kitsch Tip:

We love incorporating multiple ties into all types of braids, including the french braid.  You can achieve this unique look in a french braid by adding a Kitsch hair tie into one of three sections of the braid (we recommend doing this where the hairline stops on your neck).  This look instantly spices up your French braid and is great because you can show off two colors.  Using a glitter tie along with a pastel or one of our basic colors is a fun and chic look in your french braid.  We guarantee you'll be receiving compliments left and right on your french braid with this uniquely Kitsch look!

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