How to do a Fishtail Braid with a Kitsch Hair Tie

June 25, 2012

How to: Fishtail Braid & Kitsch Hair Tie

Love braids and looking for something new?  The Fishtail braid is right for you.  Perfect for a summer run or even a night out, this two strand braid fits the bill.  Kitsch is delighted to give step-by-step directions for a flawless fishtail.  And don't forget, a Kitsch hair tie is the stylish, secure finish to your fishtail braid!
1. First,secure your hair into a low pony with a rubberband.  Important: Make sure it's a rubberband you don't care about because you'll have to cut it when you're done.
2. Next, separate the hair into two "chunks" ;). Down the middle or off to the side depending on how you want to rock your braid.
3. So now you have two "chunks," - "chunk one" and "chunk two"  you can give them different names if you want.  Then take a small piece (about 1/8 of your "chunk") of "chunk one" and move it over to "chunk two."
4. Now do the same thing with "chunk two," take a small section of "chunk two" and move it to its new home over at "chunk one."
5. Repeat until you get to the bottom.  Now your "chunks" should be woven together in a super rad braid.  You're happy, you're friends are happy, and your "chunks" are now happy.
6.  Secure the ends with a Kitsch hair tie.  We recommend one of our "tie-dye" or sparkly glitter hair ties with a fishtail braid!

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